CircleCI Orb for sending Slack messages via webhooks.
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Slack Webhook CircleCI Orb CircleCI Orb Version


  1. Create a webhook.
  2. Generate a JSON payload.
  3. Place the webhook in a CircleCI environment variable (SLACK_WEBHOOK by default, but customizable).
  4. Call the orb:
      json-payload: |
          "blocks": [
              "type": "section",
              "text": {
                "type": "mrkdwn",
                "text": "Hello from <|@adamu>'s `slack-webhook` CircleCi orb! 👋"


The json-payload argument must always be provided.

There are three ways to provide the webhook URL:

  1. Via the SLACK_WEBHOOK environment variable.
  2. Via a custom environment variable. Provide the name with the webhook-url-env-var parameter.
  3. Directly to the send-message command with the webhook-url parameter.

See the full examples on the orb's CircleCI Orb Repository listing.